Waiting Patiently…

We’re three days into June and there’s a ton of growth everywhere, but mainly just green stuff (vines, leaves, stems, etc), without much to pick.

There are a few interesting things around the yard, though:

  1. A couple of onion flowers – onions are biennials so these are left over from the previous year. I didn’t know until doing some research that these flowers are edible, and the onions are still edible after flowering too, though they might not be best quality:20180602_174721
  2. I also pulled a potato plant to see how far long it had come (just making sure I could expect something from the rest of the plants). Seven potatoes isn’t too bad for this stage of the season:20180603_085029



Back on Track

It’s been a long time since August 5 of last summer, and I’ve done a lot of work on the garden that I’ll be showing in posts to come.

But this is the first post of the year – I’ve had a few radishes and strawberries and some mustard greens, but this is the first photo-worthy pick of the year.

Twelve turnips, which will roast up nicely and make a good batch of greens.

Summer, here we come. Looking forward to getting back in the habit of daily posts.


Daily Harvest – August 5, 2017

Things are slowing down a bit as we move into August. I’m hoping to see more peppers this month, and steady increases in okra.

This just might be the day I pull the lemon cucumber vine that has produced over 100 cucumbers. Almost all of the leaves are shriveled and brown, and I can use the room to start some fall crops.

Nice work, lemon cucumber.


Daily Harvest – July 30, 2017

You know the real secret to growing lemon cucumbers?

Go on vacation for six days and let them work.

Totals for a six-day period where I didn’t pick anything: 86 small tomatoes, 2 large tomatoes, 14 okra, 36 (!) lemon cucumbers, 5 green cucumbers, 1 pumpkin, and 1 yellow squash.

That makes a season total of 104 lemon cucumbers, 99 of which have come from one vine. Wow.