Waiting Patiently…

We’re three days into June and there’s a ton of growth everywhere, but mainly just green stuff (vines, leaves, stems, etc), without much to pick.

There are a few interesting things around the yard, though:

  1. A couple of onion flowers – onions are biennials so these are left over from the previous year. I didn’t know until doing some research that these flowers are edible, and the onions are still edible after flowering too, though they might not be best quality:20180602_174721
  2. I also pulled a potato plant to see how far long it had come (just making sure I could expect something from the rest of the plants). Seven potatoes isn’t too bad for this stage of the season:20180603_085029



Daily Harvest – August 5, 2017

Things are slowing down a bit as we move into August. I’m hoping to see more peppers this month, and steady increases in okra.

This just might be the day I pull the lemon cucumber vine that has produced over 100 cucumbers. Almost all of the leaves are shriveled and brown, and I can use the room to start some fall crops.

Nice work, lemon cucumber.


Thumb For Scale

I’ve been looking at several huge, huge, huge ….green tomatoes for the past few weeks, wondering if they’d ever ripen.

Well, they’re starting to turn a touch pink, but I just wanted to capture the size of these things today.

Maybe these are nothing new for old-hat tomato growers, but these are by far the biggest I’ve ever had in my own garden.

Thumb for scale, obviously:


Early Pumpkin

The compost-borne pumpkins have been one of this year’s biggest surprises, but unfortunately some of the vines are dying off thanks to disease and vine borers.

So I had to pull one early today – thankfully it’s mostly orange, but unfortunately the stem pulled right off. I sprayed the stem area with neem oil to hold back fungal infections (hopefully). We’ll see how long it lasts.


Epic Vine Showdown

There’s a lot of overlap in the hill garden, and I’ve mentioned before that it’s by design. As long as things grow and are green, I’m happy with it.

There’s one particular spot, though, where four vining plants are about to have a giant epic battle for dominion.

They’re a lemon cucumber (upper left), watermelon (upper right), butternut squash (lower right), and sweet potato (lower middle):


Watermelon Update

It’s July, and that means it’s watermelon season. Unfortunately I won’t have any ready for July 4 (and maybe not even August 4), but I know I have at least four watermelons growing up right now. There might be more buried in the sea of vines near the back fence, who knows?


This is the biggest at the moment – so far it’s doing fine hanging on the vine, but I might need to give it more support soon.


This is the second-largest, growing up quietly behind the madness of the tomato bushes.


Then there’s this little guy.


And another little guy, hoping to be something big someday.