Daily Harvest – July 21, 2017

Solid day for variety: six lemon cucumbers, three green ones, a radish, fifteen small tomatoes, two large Brandywines (which look ripe from the top but are a nice rich pink all around the sides), and one okra.



Daily Harvest – July 20, 2017


There was a brief period where I thought lemon cucumbers were slowing down. Then today I pulled 9 off the vine which accounts for 1/6 of this year’s total lemon cucumbers.

Also, three green cucumbers, a smallish Brandywine tomato, three okra, and fifteen cherry and yellow pear tomatoes.


Thumb For Scale

I’ve been looking at several huge, huge, huge ….green tomatoes for the past few weeks, wondering if they’d ever ripen.

Well, they’re starting to turn a touch pink, but I just wanted to capture the size of these things today.

Maybe these are nothing new for old-hat tomato growers, but these are by far the biggest I’ve ever had in my own garden.

Thumb for scale, obviously:


Daily Harvest – July 14, 2017

Surprise, it’s pumpkin season! Actually it’s not. In fact it’s about two months early.

But when pumpkin vines grow out of compost in early April, and don’t succumb to a late frost, I guess you get pumpkins in mid-July! These guys were thick-skinned and on vines that are struggling with borers and leaf diseases, so I figured I’d get them off now.

Also pictured: twelve green bean pods, two cucumbers, and a yellow squash.


After the main photo, I found seven tomatoes hiding: